Black Bart Navy Rum


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In 1720 Bartholomew Roberts captured a French ship off Newfoundland and used it as his new flagship, which he subsequently renamed the Royal Fortune, the first of several ships to be given this name. Our Royal Fortune Reserve embodies the ‘flagship’ standard of the drink most cherished by intrepid seamen of the time. At 111 proof (55.5% Alc./Vol), our rum is 39% stronger than the majority of other brands. Comparable to an historical ‘navy rum’ – Both column and pot still distillation. A blend of 5 year old rum from Barbados and and 3 year old rum from Trinidad, aged in American white oak bourbon barrels in the tropical climate of each rum’s origin. Then sent to Europe to be blended by a company with over 300 years experience in rum. Finally, back to sea again to California, where we bottle our products in Santa Barbara.

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