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Article: An other era and perspective on wine

An other era and perspective on wine - Rare Reserve

An other era and perspective on wine

It is good to remind that along history the vision and understanding on things has evolved continuously. What you believed as rock solid decades ago evaporates overnight, and this in many fields (today's righteous certitudes will follow the same path, be sure of that). This story is not only an interlude while waiting a warmer season but a reminder on times where optics were totally different... These posters date from, say, around 1915 to the late 1960s'. Since the censorship law of 1991 there has been of course no positive communication campaign in France regarding wine, everything now unfolding instead by word of mouth and undercover. But on the bright side the natural-wine milieu is certainly the most vibrant in emphasizing the healthy and joyful nature of this age-old beverage...

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Building a Wine Cellar - Rare Reserve

Building a Wine Cellar

Where you locate your cellar will influence the costs of maintaining it in the future. It is recommended that you place a wine cellar in an area that is cool and humid. A cooling unit will be small...

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