Bartholomew Roberts Black Bart Navy Silver Oar Rum


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The Silver Oar was part of the iconography of state power. Since Elizabethan times, it has been the symbol of authority for a British Admiralty Court, placed before the Judge when the Court is in session. In this respect the Silver Oar is the equivalent of a ceremonial mace, representing the authority of the Crown and the Lord High Admiral of the United Kingdom. To this day, an antique silver oar is still placed before the bench when the High Court sits in London on matters relating to its Admiralty Court functions. Our 100-proof fine Silver Oar white rum is 25% stronger than the majority of other brands, capturing the robust character of the best rums of the age of privateers and adventurers. A blend of Caribbean light rums from Barbados, Trinidad and Guyana, Silver Oar is the perfect spirit for making those stronger mojitos, daiquiris, rum punches, Cajun lemonades, dark & stormys, or just over ice with a twist. A fusion of premium Trinidad silver rums. Complex, full-bodied character with floral overtones, fruity hints and vanilla. A 100-proof, an excellent choice for daiquiris or mojitos, or as a sipping rum over ice.

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