Benromach Organic Whisky


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Nose : refined, precise. Green malt, liquorice and an extremely delicate peatiness jump out of the glass. Vanilla and sweet citrus fruit (orange and mandarin) follow closely behind. Smoke, spices (cloves and curry), tar, damp straw and tarragon give it depth. On Palate : grainy, rich. The peat is more pronounced and earthier, the salt and iodine are also more intense and the liquorice has changed from green to black. The citrus fruits have been temporarily traded in for ripe fruit and heady florals (iris and tuberose). So Overall : firm, long. Mentholated and medicinal (arnica and tiger balm), the peat gradually crumbles, making way for delicate notes of citrus fruit. They have barely a look in before they are swept away by notes of herbs and camphor. Milky, the empty glass imparts

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