Clase Azul Gold Anejo Tequila

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Born from a love story between heaven and earth, Clase Azul Gold embodies a spectacular sunset, capturing the sublime embrace between light and dark; with brilliant golden hues that conjugate the tones of the night, rich red earth, and the blue of the agave fields.

An exquisite fusion between glass and ceramic gives place to a phenomenal marriage of Tequila Clase Azul Plata and an eight-year-old extra anejo. 

Clase Azul Gold tequila is made by blending the unaged Clase Azul Plata and Clase Azul Ultra Añejo, aged for 8 years. This luxurious limited edition tequila comes in a unique handmade bottle, which celebrates Mexican artistry. It can be sipped neatly or mixed in a cocktail.

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