Hanson Of Sonoma Meyer Lemon Vodka


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Hanson of Sonoma Organic Meyer Lemon Vodka is bright and sweet with a zing! This vodka drink has aromas of spicy bergamot on the nose, herbs on the palate, and a kick of spice in the finish. This vodka liquor is made from primarily organic French Colombard grapes. It is 100% USDA certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, sugar-free and 0 carbohydrates. Hanson of Sonoma is a family-owned and operated craft spirits distillery in Sonoma, California. Enjoy Hanson of Sonoma Organic Meyer Lemon Vodka in a Meyer Lemon Drop or a Lemon Drop Martini. Fresh organic Meyer lemons are peeled by hand, and those peels are then given a long maceration in our Organic Original Vodka to infuse that sweet tart lemon flavor. One 750mL bottle of Hanson of Sonoma Meyer Lemon Organic Vodka Alcohol, 40% alcohol by volume, 80 Proof.

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