Kentucky Owl St. Patrick Edition Straight Bourbon Whiskey


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Going for drinkability first and foremost, it does this with a flavor profile that offers balance with just enough complexity. It starts with an approachable nose that offers moments of interest though it doesn’t necessarily impress. The palate transitions to a fruit-forward and sweet trio of orange marmalade, vanilla custard, and caramel streusel that is approachable yet lacks overall potency. The finish continues with a welcomed contrast of spice and mild heat but again puts drinkable and overall smoothness front and center.
This unusual collaboration does well to blend the two worlds of Irish whisky and bourbon. It makes marketing sense to release this in conjunction with St. Patrick's Day, but it might be shortchanging it to a degree. It’s unclear if this is a one-time release, and its price point seems high for someone looking for an impulse holiday dram. Thankfully this whiskey turned out to be more than a mere cash-in on the St. Patrick’s Day holiday and brings something worthwhile to the glass.

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