Luna Malvada Blanco Tequila


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Luna Malvado tequilas are a recent launch and distinguishes itself by using Blue Weber agave from "a newly rediscovered ancestral growing region" (the traditional regions being highland and lowland agave) resulting in what they call "Tropical Dry Forest agave." This, they believe, gives their tequila an unusual and complex flavor. The agave itself is only harvested under the full moon, or moon-gardening, where locals believe the nutrients best come out of the soil .In a write-up from the Tasting Panel Magazine (September, 2012) they mention that this is an area where agave grows wild in indigenous soils with no need for fertilizers—something the owner described as “sustainable wild salmon versus farm-raised salmon.” The article goes on to mention that the tequila is produced at the small distillery of Destiladora de Agave El Mentidero.

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